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Hinowa S.p.A. was founded in 1987 and places its origins on a long family tradition of construction equipment.

From the outset the objective was to develop the machines on rubber tracks, creating applications on different fields, as agriculture, gardening, plant engineering, construction, shipbuilding and industry.

Hinowa has grown in a rapid way but it managed to keep pace with market trends and coming up with the new ideas.
The Italian and European markets absorb more than 80% of the Hinowa production while the America, Australian and Asiatic markets are growing.


The Hinowa range includes five product categories that are used in various fields, assuring to the user excellent performances, absolute reliability and safety and maximum competitiveness at the time of purchase:

- Mini excavators: 10 models from 0,8 to 4 t

- Undercarriages: 100 models with capacity from 500 kg to 30.000 kg

- Minidumpers: various models from 500 kg to 2.500 kg capacity with 23 interchangeable accessories.

- Aerial platforms: of 8, 14, 17 and 23 meters high, equipped with the latest technologies.

- Compact skid steer loader Rhino series

- Tracked forklifts kit: 3 models from 400 to 1.300 kg capacity

- Tracked forklifts: TP series up to 2 ton capacity

- Truck based aerial platform: Orchidea Lift series



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