Hinowa Lightlift 13.70 Performance IIIs

The Lightlift 13.70 Performance IIIS is the first boom to feature Hinowa’s new SkyGuard® anti-entrapment system, designed to prevent the operator from being crushed by an overhead obstacle. Other innovations include a faster travel speed for increased productivity; and gradient control, which automatically decelerates the tracked undercarriage when driving on hazardous slopes. Additionally, a new basket option featuring rounded corners helps with positioning close to walls, for delicate manoeuvres.


Product Short Description :

13m working height, 7m outreach and 230kg load capacity throughout the working range.


  • Max. Working Height: 13.3m
  • Max. Horizontal Outreach: 7.1m
  • Travel Width: 0.76m
  • Lift Capacity: 230kg
  • Weight: 2,185kg
  • Power Source: Diesel, Lithium Battery, Petrol

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